Hit the Panic Button

If you’ve been reading feeds for a while, chances are you’ve experienced feed overload. It happens to the best of us. Perhaps we take a break for a day or two, and when we come back to our aggregator we find hundreds of unread items waiting for us. @ Nick Bradbury: Feed Overload? Hit the Panic Button!

I love the concept behind FeedDemon’s panic button feature. It sweeps through old posts marking them read, leaving in its wake a more manageable pile to read through. The concept here being that in general, with feeds, you don’t have to read everything. But a feature request for Nick and Greg: I wish there were an option to configure how it behaves– I want to be able to define which folders are included / excluded from the sweep. True, in most cases you don’t have to read everything, but in certain important circumstances, we really do care to read absolutely every blog post / news item on a specific topic. Update: someone else matking this feature request. Curious if there are any plans to add this in a point release?

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